Is Pain Keeping You From a Happy Life? Physical Therapy May Help!

May 10th, 2021

Take a moment to pause and think about who you were five or ten years ago. What kinds of activities did you thrive from doing? Were you a runner? An afternoon gym warrior? Or did you just enjoy going for long evening walks with your dog? Now, come back to the present moment. Do you

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Should I Get an Xray or MRI for my pain?

January 25th, 2021

After experiencing an injury, many people ask themselves the question, “Should I have an X-ray or MRI before I come to therapy?”  What should I do?  Well, our intuition would typically say “I have back pain, therefore an x-ray or MRI will help me determine what’s wrong and how to go about fixing it.”  We must know the medical diagnosis

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Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Hab

November 10th, 2020

Have You Heard of Pre-Hab? There Are Several Different Ways it May Benefit You It’s no secret that having physical therapy after an injury or surgery helps you recover faster. But what if there was a way to prevent an injury in the first place? Or what if there was a way to speed recovery

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The Ankle And How It Is Related To Function

April 20th, 2020

The ankle is a complex joint that allows for movement in various planes: dorsiflexion/plantarflexion (up and down), inversion/eversion (in and out), and pronation/supination (arch down and arch up). While having adequate mobility in each direction is important, dorsiflexion, or the ability for the foot/ankle to move upward towards the ceiling, has the most functional implications.

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Do you Wake Up Feeling Achy? It could be your mattress!

March 10th, 2020

Imagine waking up, fully rested after 8 hours of sleep. As you gently awake, you move to sit up… only to be hit with an ache in your back. The aches in your shoulders and neck quickly follow as you move, but as you go to stand up, they are eclipsed by the dull ache

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Sleep Your Way To Injury Prevention and Enhanced Athletic Performance

March 9th, 2020

Sleep is the world’s most natural performance-enhancer. Without it, we are sluggish and slowed down. But with it, athletes have a secret weapon to beat their opponent. Sleep is a frequently over-looked strategy to improve performance and assist in both prevention of injury and recovery from injury. There have been many research studies confirming these

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herniated disc

Is the pain in your back caused by a herniated disc? Here’s how to know.

July 10th, 2020

A herniated disc refers to an issue with one of the rubbery cushions that are in between the vertebrae. A spinal disc has a soft jellylike interior with a tougher exterior. Symptoms of a Herniated Disc While most herniated discs occur in the lower back, they also can occur in the cervical area. Symptoms are

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Reduce Opioid Consumption and Feel Better with Physical Therapy

August 10th, 2020

Long-term opioid consumption is not a good strategy for managing chronic pain. In addition to the risk of addiction, opioids simply alleviate the symptoms (pain) of a larger problem. For very real, measurable improvement over chronic pain, physical therapy has been proven to be a much better option than opioids or other pharmaceutical painkillers. If

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