Running is a unique and demanding sport that requires specialized treatment.

No other activity asks you to perform the same motion thousands of times in a workout, day in and day out. To accommodate the unique rehabilitation needs of runners and help them reach untapped potential, the physical therapists at The Training Room have created a special runner-specific program to optimize performance and minimize injury.

Runner’s Evaluation

Injuries can often be tracked down to a combination of three deficits – lack of mobility, lack of strength and/or stability, and poor mechanics. During your evaluation, one of our certified Running Technique Specialists (RTS) will first ensure that all of your joints and muscles have the ability to move in the proper manner. After a postural assessment, we will then examine the runner’s strength and ability to maintain proper alignment and form while running. Finally, we will film you running and analyze your mechanics, and introduce drills and technique modifications to optimize form, improve performance and maintain health!

Injury Prevention

Injuries can set back endurance athletes more than any other sport, as time lost training is ground lost against your competition and the clock. The best way to avoid this is to attack problems before they start, rather than reacting to them once they arrive. Schedule a running evaluation to identify deficits in strength, mobility, and mechanics before they’ve got you on the sideline.

Community Education

Keep an eye out at local running stores, races and community events. You will find our staff, along with physicians, chiropractors and coaches, spreading the knowledge of injury prevention and rehabilitation throughout the running community in order to keep you healthy and out on the road! We are also available to come speak to teams, or to arrange a field trip to TTR Performance for training sessions focused on improving mechanics, strength and mobility, all with the goal of staying healthy.

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