I have a prescription for physical therapy from my doctor:

Great! You are ready to get started. Give us a call to schedule your first appointment.

I don’t have prescriptions for physical therapy:

Not a Problem! You are still ready to get started. In the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania Direct Access Laws allow you to receive treatment by a physical therapy without a referral from your doctor.

Direct access allows you to start treatment earlier, resulting in quick recovery, savings in health care dollars and faster return to your favorite activities. We will send treatment information to your physician of choice. All you have to do is give us a call to schedule your first appointment.

It’s not just us here at The Training Room that says it, but recent studies have shown that if you have low back pain, you should get physical therapy right away.

Otherwise, your costs are likely to go up, along with the potential use of medications, injections, surgeries and other invasive treatments. That’s per the results of the study published in BMC Health Services Research and backed up by other studies that have shown that starting treatment with advanced imaging such as MRI’s not only costs more, but patients were more likely to have surgery, injections or visits to emergency rooms compared to those we who were first went to physical therapy.


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