George S.

March 15th, 2019

“Dear Mandy,

I wanted to write a note of thanks for the help that I received while rehabbing from Achilles tendon repair surgery. While I was not really happy with the services I received in my first round of rehab at a different facility, I could not have been more pleased with The Training Room. The services I received certainly justified my 30 minute drive each way (without traffic).

As you are aware, when I initially came through your doors, I was on crutches, not weight bearing and sporting a right foot that resembled more of a “ripe tomato” in both form and function. You and your staff provided me with the individualized attention that was required to literally get me back on my feet in a few short weeks. The staff was always extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, genuinely concerned and helpful. The session was never scripted to a business plan that maximized company profit by minimizing staff involvement and time spent by a patient in the facility, while cycling through staff members. The exact opposite was in fact the case with a prescribed level of service based solely on my needs, where I was in my recovery and where I needed to be, all with a continuity of care that often involved innovative and collaborative ideas from your team.

Thanks go to Meghan, John and Ethel as well. Without everyone’s help, my recovery would not have been as quick, complete or pleasant.”