Keryn P.

April 15th, 2019

“I was experiencing pain in my elbow, gradually getting worse for about 3 months.  It was preventing me from being able to perform simple day to day tasks and enjoy my workouts.  I was frustrated and decided to get evaluated at TTR.  The TTR Staff determined that I had Tennis Elbow and the course of action was a combination of PT and Laser treatment.

It ABSOLUTELY did the trick. I would complete my PT exercises with Ryan, and then follow with the Laser treatment.

The laser treatment on contact gave a warm feeling and relieved the pain.  It was especially welcomed after my PT session.

I noticed, several hours after the first treatment, that the area itself was starting to feel better. One treatment and I started to see progress.  Keeping on with the combination of my exercises, PT sessions and Laser treatment, recovery time was significantly cut down and I am thrilled that I am 100% back on track.  

I would highly recommend the combination of PT and Laser and am super glad the TTR offers this treatment option.”