Taylor C.

March 15th, 2019

My name is Taylor Clark and I am a level 9 gymnast. At the age of 11 after a routine landing I started to have pain in my knee. After seeing a doctor I was told I had torn my ACL. The doctor recommended Mandy at the Training Room for my physical therapy. I started physical therapy in June 2010, I had my ACL repaired in July 2010, and in just 7 short months my ACL is strong and I am able to return to sports.

The Training Room has helped me a lot, the staff are all very nice and they push me to do my best to recover quickly. They taught me how to do everything and made me feel very comfortable. After my surgery I remember I couldn’t move my knee at all, it hurt a lot and I was scared. Mandy and Kirsten both helped me understand what to expect and told me I would be OK. Now I have my full range of motion back and my knee is stronger than ever. I loved that Mandy and Kirsten both pushed me to reach my goal of getting back to gymnastics. I love to play sports and The Training Room helped give me that back.”