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Elite (Ages 15+)


The Training Room’s Elite Performance Program is focused on enhancing speed and athletic performance for high school and college-aged athletes. Most athletes at these ages realize that speed is a critical component to having a winning advantage in most sports. Producing as big a force as possible in the shortest amount of time, while applying it in the proper direction through an optimal range of motion are goals we strive to achieve to maximize speed and agility for all athletes enrolled in our performance training programs regardless of their age. Focusing on these critical elements of speed and agility development provides the foundation for our overall speed and agility curriculum.

However, as athletes at this developmental stage transition into adolescence toward physical maturity, our curriculum evolves to take advantage of the more dominant training adaptations associated with their natural development. Adolescent athletes respond more favorably to speed training modes that target both neural and structural development (strength and plyometrics) (1, 2). While technical competency and neural development continue to be a part of our curriculum at this stage, a focus on structural development, sprint training, resistance, and strength training are emphasized to maximize overall speed gains. Because adolescents typically experience further gains in strength through continued development of the central nervous system and significant increases in lean muscle mass (3), peak force and peak rate of force development are also likely to increase during this developmental stage (2). This provides the perfect opportunity to further develop agility and sport specific movements throughout this period.

During each 60-minute session, our performance team provides effective coaching based on the latest motor learning techniques to increase functional speed in an intimate small group setting that ensures individualized instruction.

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Train to compete and dominate the competition!

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