“The Training Room has helped my daughters get back the stamina, agility and speed they lost after their injury. This has allowed them to return to competing at their top game and helped prepare them for competition at the collegiate level. I have trusted all three of my daughters to The Training Room, and so should you!”

Debra J.

“I have been attending the Adult Fitness classes for several years now and I can honestly say it’s the best decision I have ever made when it comes to a fitness program. I actually look forward to attending each time. The workouts are always different, never boring and always challenging. It’s a very rewarding feeling upon completion of each class. The trainers are very knowledgeable, motivating, extremely personable and helpful. My fitness level has improved dramatically which has enhanced my overall well-being. I can’t thank the staff enough for everything they have done for me and I highly recommend TTR Performance for anyone looking to make a rewarding change in their life.”

Mark K.

“TTR Performance has helped me to increase my speed, strength, power and agility from my time here week after week.”

Erica T.

“TTR Performance has enhanced my overall performance by making me stronger and faster. I am now more active than ever before!”

Abby R.

“TTR Performance has helped me improve my lacrosse game because of my increase in strength, speed and endurance. TTR has by far helped me develop my body so that I will be ready for my season and my college career. I have made many great friends during my training and never have had a bad experience.”

Eric S.

“Recovery from an ACL Reconstruction surgery was a long and challenging process for me. When I first started at TTR Performance it was hard at times but after weeks and weeks of hard work I managed to mentally and physically get back to where I was before. Overall, TTR Performance helped me 100 percent and now I can finally play the sport that I love!”

Kaela S.

“Without TTR Performance, I would not be where I am today. They helped me strengthen myself physically and mentally. I am now able to play the sport I love because of them. Thank you to Aaron and CJ and everyone else at TTR Performance who has helped me”

Jordyn P.

“TTR Performance has been an integral part of the ongoing success of the West Deptford High School Football Program.  For the past nine years, our players have trained with their world-class training staff and have benefited immensely from their professionalism and high level of expertise.  Our players have shown marked improvement in such areas as strength, speed, agility and stamina.  We have gained a distinctive edge over our opponents through the implementation of the scientifically designed program, which has been tailored to address the specific needs of our team.  The staff members are extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, creating a positive training environment and producing noticeable results.  Our preparedness and intense performance in games is directly related to the training we do with TTR Performance.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with them and reaping the benefits of what their outstanding program has to offer.”

Clyde Folsom
Head Football Coach
West Deptford High School