360 Degrees of Movement – Tips to Improve Lateral Agility

November 15th, 2017

An athlete is only as good as their “effective range” – the range in which they can get out and back from where they are currently at.  This includes 360 degrees so you have to be able to move laterally to dominate your competition in most sports!

Shuffling is 1 of the 2 means of moving laterally and is NOT just for basketball players!

Shuffling Tips:

  1. Feet should be shoulder width apart and never narrower!
  2. Athlete should remain low in “ready position”.
  3. Weight should be on balls of feet.
  4. Hips and toes stay square pointed forward.

To improve shuffling, one of the drills that increases power and speed in the lateral plane is mildly resisted skater jumps.  Focus on getting OUT from the starting point and landing athletically.

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We hope this helps you dominate your competition!

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