Patient Testimonials

  • Kelly

  • Stephanie

  • Steve F.

  • rita r testimonial

    “I had a knee problem and I am now almost completely functional thanks to the excellent care of all of the PTs…”

    Rita R.

  • mcshea testimonial

    “I have used the Training Room numerous times to help with the current injuries that we were dealing with at the time.  That way, I could get back to normal activities or in the case of my kids back on the basketball court as soon as possible.  I want to highlight my most recent injury and how the Training Room was able to quickly assess my injury and develop a plan to get me back to 100%.  I was having severe pain in my upper back and shoulder which was preventing me from biking or participating in my workout sessions.  Since I have MS, being able to ride my bike or work out is critical to my health and well-being.  Right from my first session to my last, Mandy and her team understood the importance of me reaching my health and wellness goals and developed a program that slowly but surely got back to my normal activities.  What I like most about the Training Room was how they started me off slowly, but continually added additional exercises to challenge me over the two months that I was in therapy.  By doing so, I was able to begin working out and biking much sooner than I would have otherwise.   The Training Room not only addressed my pain issues, but more importantly diagnosed the root cause of my pain, primary my poor posture.  Knowing and having this information will help prevent future injuries in my back and shoulders.  I couldn’t be happier with my results and I am so thankful for all that the Training Room did for me. THANK YOU!!!”

    Matt M.

  • the training room testimonial debra

    “The Training Room has helped my daughters get back the stamina, agility and speed they lost after their injury. This has allowed them to return to competing at their top game and helped prepare them for competition at the collegiate level. I have trusted all three of my daughters to The Training Room, and so should you!”

    Debra J.

  • “Before PT, I wasn’t able to drive, go upstairs, or even squat without pain. During the beginning few weeks of PT, we couldn’t figure out what was going on as I was still having pain with little things, like band walks and bridges, sometimes even just to touch. Once we figured it out, we eased our way back and now I can kneel, lunge, and squat. These things I have not been able to do without pain in about four years! I haven’t felt pain at all in over 4 weeks and I can finally say I am back to my full athletic self.”

    Abigail D.

  • “My experience receiving therapy at The Training Room was both enjoyable and efficient. The physical therapists were all very helpful and made going to therapy enjoyable. They helped me recover from my torn ACL more quickly than I would have imagined.”

    Emma T.

  • “As an RN I am constantly educating my patients about medications, procedures, etc., so I especially appreciated Mandy’s excellent ability to explain the injuries and how these injuries effect joints, muscles and how physical therapy healed these problems.”

    Audrey P.

  • “I was experiencing pain in my elbow, gradually getting worse for about 3 months.  It was preventing me from being able to perform simple day to day tasks and enjoy my workouts.  I was frustrated and decided to get evaluated at TTR.  The TTR Staff determined that I had Tennis Elbow and the course of action was a combination of PT and Laser treatment.

    It ABSOLUTELY did the trick. I would complete my PT exercises with Ryan, and then follow with the Laser treatment.

    The laser treatment on contact gave a warm feeling and relieved the pain.  It was especially welcomed after my PT session.

    I noticed, several hours after the first treatment, that the area itself was starting to feel better. One treatment and I started to see progress.  Keeping on with the combination of my exercises, PT sessions and Laser treatment, recovery time was significantly cut down and I am thrilled that I am 100% back on track.  

    I would highly recommend the combination of PT and Laser and am super glad the TTR offers this treatment option.”


    Keryn P.

  • “Words can’t even describe how thankful I am for all of your help these past few months. Your enthusiasm, intelligence, compassion, and understanding are extraordinary attributes that each of you possess. Your positive spirit and constant encouragement creates such a welcoming and comfortable environment. The personalized attention that is provided is absolutely remarkable.”

    Melissa E.

  • “We could not ask for any better treatment then we received. From the friendly manner of the entire staff, to the expertise of their medical knowledge. Thanks for taking such good care of our daughter.”

    Maria L.

  • My name is Taylor Clark and I am a level 9 gymnast. At the age of 11 after a routine landing I started to have pain in my knee. After seeing a doctor I was told I had torn my ACL. The doctor recommended Mandy at the Training Room for my physical therapy. I started physical therapy in June 2010, I had my ACL repaired in July 2010, and in just 7 short months my ACL is strong and I am able to return to sports.

    The Training Room has helped me a lot, the staff are all very nice and they push me to do my best to recover quickly. They taught me how to do everything and made me feel very comfortable. After my surgery I remember I couldn’t move my knee at all, it hurt a lot and I was scared. Mandy and Kirsten both helped me understand what to expect and told me I would be OK. Now I have my full range of motion back and my knee is stronger than ever. I loved that Mandy and Kirsten both pushed me to reach my goal of getting back to gymnastics. I love to play sports and The Training Room helped give me that back.”

    Taylor C.

  • “Dear Mandy,

    I wanted to write a note of thanks for the help that I received while rehabbing from Achilles tendon repair surgery. While I was not really happy with the services I received in my first round of rehab at a different facility, I could not have been more pleased with The Training Room. The services I received certainly justified my 30 minute drive each way (without traffic).

    As you are aware, when I initially came through your doors, I was on crutches, not weight bearing and sporting a right foot that resembled more of a “ripe tomato” in both form and function. You and your staff provided me with the individualized attention that was required to literally get me back on my feet in a few short weeks. The staff was always extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, genuinely concerned and helpful. The session was never scripted to a business plan that maximized company profit by minimizing staff involvement and time spent by a patient in the facility, while cycling through staff members. The exact opposite was in fact the case with a prescribed level of service based solely on my needs, where I was in my recovery and where I needed to be, all with a continuity of care that often involved innovative and collaborative ideas from your team.

    Thanks go to Meghan, John and Ethel as well. Without everyone’s help, my recovery would not have been as quick, complete or pleasant.”

    George S.

  • “I have nothing but praise for The Training Room and the staff. My Phys. Therapist was deeply knowledgeable, a good listener, patient and thorough. (Matt) He explained everything and answered every question I had. I felt very comfortable upon being discharged and was encouraged to call/come in if I had any problems/questions arise – which I did! Every exercise that I did there/was advised to do at home – worked! My sincere thanks to everyone at the Training Room for helping me recover.”

    Barbara B.

  • “Mandy was very thorough in her physical analysis of my injury. She was also understanding about my activity level. I would most definitely recommend Mandy to a friend who needed physical therapy.”

    Carrie N.

  • “I received excellent care and treatment. I would recommend The Training Room to absolutely anyone I know in need of physical therapy. The therapists are incredibly knowledgeable, caring and accommodating.”

    Tracey R.

  • “Your practice is excellent. Everyone is extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. Matt Hinsey in particular is truly an asset to your business. The word certainly travels as I have encountered many other people who speak highly of The Training Room. Keep up the good work. Best, Ed.”

    Ed S.

  • “I have basically made a home of your facility the past year. I have rehabbed both a torn ACL and a torn shoulder labrum. Your staff is awesome. I cannot say enough good things about Ryan. The ACL rehab was grueling but they do a great job of motivating and knowing exactly what your body needs. When I tore my labrum in my shoulder, the doctor made it sound like I’d never be able to do anything physical again. I worked with Ryan mostly for a few months and can do everything that I want with the shoulder. The doctor told me I’d never bench/shoulder press again. Yesterday I did four sets of 8 at 185 on the bench, with no pain whatsoever. I may never break my bench press record but just being able to work out means everything to me. Seriously those guys rock and I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes of both my knee and shoulder. Thanks.”

    Dennis G.

  • “I would like to thank Nick personally for working (and humoring) my son Michael! He taught him many great things that will hopefully prevent him from any future injuries.”

    Steph D.