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ACL Care

Due to the high volume of Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries that come through The Training Room, we have developed a specialized program called ACL CARE, to provide you with all the resources an athlete needs to prevent and rehabilitate an ACL injury. This program takes patients from preoperative to full recovery and onto training for prevention.

A Comprehensive Program for ACL Injury Management and Prevention

Injuring your Anterior Cruciate Ligament is a devastating injury. We would like to assist you in returning to sport or activity in the safest and most efficient manner. We have put together a multitude of resources to make this process a smooth one. Below is a description of the services that we offer.

Preoperative Physical Therapy

Initially when you injure your knee, there is an inflammatory response including swelling, pain and muscle shut down. Pre-operative physical therapy can inhibit some of these symptoms. The focus of treatment will be to prepare you and your knee for surgery. The more strength, mobility and proprioception you have going into surgery, the improved outcome you will have following surgery. Studies have documented that individuals having surgery on a stiff and/or swollen knee often have a harder time obtaining full range of motion following surgery. To prevent this, physical therapy before surgery may be recommended. Also, this is a great opportunity to learn what to expect over the coming months following surgery.

Post-Operative Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy begins approximately 2-10 days following surgical reconstruction, depending on your surgeon. After your follow, up appointment with your surgeon you will be prescribed to start PT. Your physical therapist will guide you through your postoperative program including several phases of rehabilitation.

Return 2 Play Testing

Our physical therapists along with areas sports medicine surgeons have developed a return to play testing protocol to evaluate an athlete’s readiness to return to sports participation. The results of this testing protocol will help guide the sports medicine team to make informed and objective decisions about whether the athlete is prepared for sports activity.

Training for ACL Injury Prevention

TTR Performance has incorporated the components of ACL injury prevention in all of their training programs. Good training is primarily about injury prevention. TTR Performance’s core training programs include hip and core stabilization, neuromuscular control drills, plyometrics, lower extremity strengthening and agility drills. They are all aspects of minimizing the risk of ACL injury.

Educational Programs

Throughout the year our staff, along with some of the area’s leading orthopedic surgeons, provides seminars on Injury Prevention. In addition, we are available to speak with teams, coaches and sports organizations to provide education on the techniques to minimize the risk of incurring an ACL injury. The program is run by TTR Performance Coaches who work closely with our physical therapists to design an individualized curriculum for each athlete. The program involves focused exercises on strength, power, agility, stabilization and injury prevention. It is the steppingstone for an athlete to get back onto the field and return to full sports participation.

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