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Is Pain Keeping You From a Happy Life? Physical Therapy May Help!

May 10th, 2021

Take a moment to pause and think about who you were five or ten years ago. What kinds of activities did you thrive from doing? Were you a runner? An afternoon gym warrior? Or did you just enjoy going for long evening walks with your dog? Now, come back to the present moment. Do you

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Stress Headaches Putting a Damper on Your Day? Try Physical Therapy For Relief

April 20th, 2021

Headaches of any kind can put a major damper on your day, sucking the fun out of planned activities and making it difficult to concentrate on work or anything else that requires your attention. While many people turn to over the counter medications as a means of addressing the lingering pain associated with headaches, these

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Do Aches and Pains Make You Dread Mornings? Physical Therapy Has Got You Covered!

April 10th, 2021

Waking up sore and achy can really zap the energy and positivity out of your day. The worst part is that if you don’t address that achiness and soreness first thing, then those feelings are likely to very quickly translate themselves into fatigue, meaning that you are likely to face the entire day feeling sluggish

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Off-Season Training for Basketball, The training room PT, New Jersy

Off-Season Training for Basketball

March 30th, 2021

As the basketball season comes to a close, we thought it would be a good time to share how we approach training these athletes and what considerations we take when designing their programs. We are proud to work with these athletes and respect the commitment they make to improve themselves and add value to their

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Decoding Your Diet

March 25th, 2021

Do you feel guilt for eating foods you know are labeled as unhealthy or fattening? Of course, every food this day has a good or bad annotation and leaves you and me feeling like I just added my freshman 15 all over again after those two slices of pizza. Luckily, food is much more than

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Pain medication

Tired of Relying on Pain Medication for Pain Relief? Physical Therapy Can Help

March 20th, 2021

Are you taking pain medication to manage your pain? If so, this blog just might make you want to kick them once and for all. Pain medications just may not be a good choice. It seems like every time you turn on the news, there is another story about the opioid epidemic gripping the country.

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Herniated Disc

Is a Herniated Disc Causing Your Back Pain?

March 10th, 2021

Is a Herniated Disc Causing Your Back Pain? One of the most common causes of pain among adults in the United States is back pain. Back pain is not something you want to ignore for long, and it can develop for any number of endless reasons. Once it does develop, making it go away can

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3 Common Types of Arthritis Physical Therapy Can Treat Without Medications

February 20th, 2021

Say Goodbye To Harmful Medications Today Arthritis is a pretty common term used to describe over 100 different types of joint pain and disease. Many people believe that arthritis only affects elderly people, but this is far from the truth. According to Healthline, “the symptoms usually develop over time, but they may also appear suddenly.

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