Physical Therapy Via Telehealth

The Training Room now offers an easy access to physical therapy services via Telehealth. Our experienced physical therapists are providing care through video telecommunications that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Telehealth FAQ's:

Is physical therapy via Telehealth covered by my insurance?

Because of the current pandemic many insurances (including BCBS, Horizon, Aetna, Cigna, Tricare, United and more) have opened up their restrictions on how PT sessions are provided.  In many cases it’s the exact same benefits as you have when you come into the clinic for physical therapy.  We will contact your insurance carrier and find out if this is a covered benefit for you.

If my insurance does not cover physical therapy telehealth sessions, is this still an option for me?

Yes, we want everyone to have access to their PT care during this time.  We have come up with a self- pay option so no one is excluded.

What does a teleheatlh session entail?

Each session will depend on what is needed by you from your physical therapist.  For new patients, there will be a 45-60 minute evaluation.  Your physical therapist will ask questions about your injury/condition and will get a thorough history of what may be contributing to your symptoms.  You will then be asked to go through various movements and actions so your physical therapist can evaluation your movement patterns and identify areas that need to be addressed.  A large part of the first visit is education on how to reduce your pain/inflammation and make changes to your lifestyle to begin recovery for your injury/condition.  A treatment plan will be discussed and a home program will be provided. Follow up visits will be approximately 30 minute appointments to assess symptoms and progress, perform and progress exercises, and advance activity.  Exercises, education, modification of activity, progression home program and self- treatments will be explained and demonstrated.  Lots can be done with just our eyes and ears!!

How do I get started?

Please fill out the form below or call us at 856-874-1166 if you are interested in getting started with PT sessions via telehealth OR if you want us to just check out your insurance coverage.

I was recommended to the Training Room by a coworker of mine, who was working on a leg issue.  I have had  a nagging back issue for 2 years, of pain and limited mobility from a ladder fall.   I had done lots of chiropractic , yoga and other exercises, but was just not getting the improvement I was hoping for.   I have had more improvement in the three weeks I have been working with my physical trainer here, than in the past two years! 

     The facility was perfectly neat and clean, and Ann at the reception desk was really nice. My assessment with Mandy was thorough, comfortable and thoughtful.   My trainer, Akil, was also recommended to me by my coworker, and there again, she was spot on.  He is a great communicator, and a gentle, pleasant personality.  It is so easy to pop on to and do our sessions.  He explained the specific area where my pain was originating from, on a shared screen, with skeletal diagrams, and showed me the muscle groups we would work on strengthening. 

   I just have an Acer Chromebook, which isn't a fancy computer, but the tele-sessions still  work out great.  I have never done P/T in person, which is possibly preferable, but due to current circumstances, I'm so grateful to still be able to access a physical trainer.  I am perfectly able to see Akil model my assigned exercises, speak with him, and have him evaluate my posture/stance when copying the exercises.

  In just 3 weeks , my back is already feeling more mobility, less pain, and more stable than in the past two years.  Obviously I am extremely happy that I decided to not only do P/T, but to take my coworkers recommendation to the Training Room.  This is my new happy place !!

 -- Alison Kless

Benefits of Telehealth
  • No transportation time or costs
  • No need to take time off of work
  • Eliminate child or elder care issues
  • Same cost as in clinic visits
  • Easy access to specialists
  • From the comfort of your home
  • No time in the waiting room
  • Better health