Movement Challenge 3: Crawling and How to Improve

May 13th, 2020

This week we are challenging your entire body with a movement that you may have not done since you were a baby.

To watch click video below.

So why is it important to be able to do this movement?

If you can crawl forward and backward for 30 feet keeping your back flat, it tells us a few things…

  1. Your shoulders and neck are probably pretty healthy.
  2. You have really good control of your lower back.
  3. Your hip and core strength are pretty good.
  4. You have good total body coordination and integration of left and right sides of your body.

So try this out at home. Walk off 30 feet in your house or outside if it’s nice and see if you can do a 30 foot bear crawl forward and backward. (Better than Cary did!)

If you did your crawl test and you had some trouble, I have the solution.

By the way, that is a much more difficult exercise than you’d think, right?!
If you watched the video, you see even Cary is challenged with it!!

So here is a quick video showing you a few things you can do to improve your bear crawl…  

Click the video to watch.

Hope this helps to improve your crawl!

Stay Well,


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