Junior Varsity Strength

Training to Train.



At TTR Fitness and Performance you will become FASTER, STRONGER, MORE AGILE, AND MORE POWERFUL.

JV strength is designed for athletes ages 12-14. In the JV strength program, your athlete will gain 3 important skills…

1. Become a more disciplined athlete- learn how to break through boundaries and roadblocks in your training.

2. Gain confidence- learn proper technique and equipment use so you can lift with confidence. Become more confident in your practice and play, knowing you’ll dominate your sport.

3. Build healthy habits- learn to make exercise fun so that it becomes a life-long habit that you love to do.

Each class is 60 minutes of small-group personal training, where each athlete will have their own program that fits into the coach’s curriculum and your athlete’s goals.

Whether you are a lifelong athlete or you are new to weight training; you can set goals and aim to break them with the help of your coaches and the support of the athletes around you.

Our Athletes Get Results

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