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Our state-of-the-art training facility at our Cherry Hill location is designed to meet the needs of professional, elite, recreational and youth athletes. The highest quality training equipment and an open layout with multiple training surfaces are coupled with training programs developed by our staff of world-class sports performance coaches who have coached numerous elite and professional athletes, as well as collegiate champions and All-Americans.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for real change in people who want to improve their health, their performance and their lives. Our staff embraces the virtues of integrity, respect, and loyalty, which bonds our team together, with our patients, our clients and our community. We strive to demonstrate the value of our collaborative approach in a positive and supportive environment that sets the stage for successful outcomes. Our entire team is committed to providing patient/client centered solutions to assist individuals in achieving their health and performance goals.

About Us

Performance Staff

The world-class staff at TTR Performance is made up of degreed and certified performance coaches who specialize in the development of athletes of all ages and abilities from youths through professionals. TTR Performance coaches are also trained and skilled at working with athletes and patients recovering from sports medicine and orthopedic-related injuries. Read our staff biographies to learn more about our winning team.

All Staff

TTR Performance Programs

Our specialized team of human performance and sports medicine experts developed training programs geared to meet the needs of our athletes and patients, from those just starting out to professionals who make a living on the field. We believe that competence breeds confidence and that athletic performance improvement can be taught and mastered like any other skill.

Learning to Train.

Our fundamental performance program is our youth level performance program designed to increase speed, agility, explosiveness and core stability with injury prevention at...

Training to Train.

The Training Room’s Developmental Performance Program is focused on enhancing speed and athletic performance for middle-school aged athletes. World renowned speed coach, L...

Train to Compete and Dominate the Competition

Elite (Ages 15+)

The Training Room’s Elite Performance Program is focused on enhancing speed and athletic performance for high school a...

Adult Fitness

Tired of your boring old workout routine? Are your workouts getting stale? Have you hit a plateau in your fitness quest? TTR Fit is the class for you! TTR fit is our adult fitness...

If one-on-one attention is what you need, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’ve got some very specific goals in mind that you want to achieve, or you simply prefer the individual attention of ...

Bridging the Gap between Therapy and Performance – Semi-private Training

Just coming off an injury? Have you been discharged from physical therapy, but are unsure of what to do to get...

TTR Performance Benefits

The passionate staff at TTR Performance takes a comprehensive approach to each individual addressing all the components necessary to maximize performance and support them in their quest for excellence.


Injury Prevention

Stay healthy and play with confidence. Preventing injuries is the greatest benefit to following a properly designed training program and it provides the cornerstone for everything we do at TTR Performance.


Optimize Performance

Maximize your athletic potential. Our scientifically designed training programs develop all the bio-motor abilities helping to produce more efficient moving and better well-rounded athletes.


Speed & Agility

The ability to Blaze by an opponent on the field or stop on a dime to quickly change directions can often provide a winning advantage for any athlete. Speed is a skill and our team knows how to teach it.


Strength & Power

Various types of strength are required for different sports, positions, movements and activities. Develop the strength qualities that are specific to what you need to dominate your competition. Strength is never a weakness at TTR Performance.


Mobilty & Stability

Efficient movement and maximizing performance output requires a delicate balance between mobility and stability throughout the body. We are experts at understanding human movement and the symbiotic relationship between mobility and stability.


Energy System

Different sports and activities require different amounts and types of work. Understanding the energy systems in your body and how to train and best use them for your sport provides a huge advantage. Let us give you that edge.

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