TTR Performance Benefits

Injury Prevention

It is well documented that proper training and preparation can reduce the incidence of many activity related injuries suffered by so many people. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and passion to help you stay healthy and do the things you love with confidence. Preventing injuries is the greatest benefit to following a properly designed training program and it provides the cornerstone for everything we do at TTR Performance.

Optimize Performance

A thorough assessment and specialized tests provide our team the information needed to prioritize training needs and build programs specifically for each individual. Knowing where you are and identifying what you need is the first step on the road to maximizing your athletic potential. Our scientifically designed training programs develop all of the bio-motor abilities helping to produce more efficient moving and better well-rounded athletes. Our unique integrated sports medicine approach, along with all of the ancillary resources we have put together, will provide you with the tools you need to optimize your performance from rehab and prehab to training, recovery and regeneration.

Speed & Agility

To excel in most sports, every athlete needs speed. The ability to Blaze by an opponent on the field or stop on a dime to quickly change directions can often provide a winning advantage for any athlete. Our formula for developing game changing speed will improve acceleration, change of direction, multidirectional quickness and maximum velocity sprinting. The amount of force you can put into the ground is directly related to how far you can travel with each step. Train to apply that force in as little time as possible because sports happen fast.  Enhance your movement and sprint mechanics to optimize your body and joint positions so you can move freely through and optimal range of motion and that big force can be applied properly to your directional movement. Come get faster with us because we believe speed is a skill and our team knows how to teach it.

Strength & Power

Power is important to so many sports. Increased power can help you explode up for a rebound, sprint to chase down an opponent, hit a ball further than you ever have before, and protect your joints and aids in preventing injury. For an athlete, strength is much more than just the amount of weight you can lift on a barbell. It’s about speed of multijoint movements, coordination, timing and stability. Various types of strength are required for different sports, positions, movements and activities. We will design a program to develop the strength qualities that are specific to what you need to dominate your competition. Strength is never a weakness at TTR Performance.

Mobility & Stability

Helping athletes and patients to move freely and optimize function is a pillar in our approach to improving performance. Efficient movement and maximizing performance output requires a delicate balance between mobility and stability throughout the body. Some joints or areas of the body require more mobility while others may require more stability to achieve optimal function. We are experts at understanding human movement and the symbiotic relationship between mobility and stability. Come move better with us.

Energy System

The ability to play sport and in fact sustain every bodily function depends on the ability of the body to extract chemical energy from the breakdown of the food nutrients that we consume. To extract the energy from the foods we eat and turn it into the chemical energy that our bodies can use, we basically have three separate energy production systems. The three energy systems work together to ensure there is a continuous and sufficient supply of energy for all our daily activities. Each system differentiates in the way they produce chemical energy (ATP) from different sources and at different speeds. Different sports and activities require different amounts and types of work. Understanding how the energy systems work and interact with each other, as well as how to train and best use them for a specific sport or activity provides a huge advantage for any athlete. Our team understands these complex physiological systems and can prescribe a plan that will have you working more efficiently and getting the most out of the fuel in your body. Train with TTR Performance and let us give you that competitive edge.