Return 2 Play

Bridging the Gap between Therapy and Performance – Semi-private Training


Just coming off an injury? Have you been discharged from physical therapy, but are unsure of what to do to get you back to your previous activity level? This program is for you!

Our return to play program is designed for individuals of any age and ability that have been previously injured and are trying to return to exceed pre-injury physical performance and fitness levels. Our semi-private groups are capped at 3 participants per session to ensure that each individual gets the careful attention they need and deserve.

Our coaches work closely with the physical therapy staff to determine the best course of action for returning to play based on each injury. An individual training plan is designed for each individual based on their functional and performance needs. Studies have shown athletes with a previous injury are twice as likely to sustain a new injury. Break the cycle and lower your risk with our return to play program!

Not injured? Do you want or need more individualized attention tailored to your specific wants or needs? This is also the class for you! Our coaches will put together the appropriate program based on your individual needs!

Our Athletes Get Results